What data does the CyberSmart software collect?

What data does the CyberSmart software collect?

The CyberSmart software application has been designed to collect minimal information, specifically relevant to meeting and maintaining security compliance requirements.

Here's a list of the information utilised in addition to the security checks carried out by the CyberSmart application. 

Information related to the device:

  • Operating system 

  • Device ID

  • Hostname

  • Serial number

Information related to the user:

  • Current username

  • Windows domain, if in use

  • If user is an admin or regular user

Information related to the network:

  • Network interfaces

Information related to installed software:

  • Software installed and version

Information relevant to diagnostics:

  • App version and install type

  • In the event of a crash, the error that occurred

As we expand app functionality we may look at additional data points to support our goal of automating compliance. We have no plans for this to include any personal, sensitive data or information being sent across the network.

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